Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of your service?

We think the service quality is the key element of a successful business. For our data analysis service, we first spend time to investigate the biological question of the project. Then we will check the quality control of the raw data and analyzed data at each step. We will contact our customer if the data cannot pass the quality control and will find a solution to solve the problem. After we got the analyzed result, we will generate data visualization of high quality for your publication. We also provide a one-time free revision of your data if you have any question about the analyzed data after you got it. The satisfaction of our customer is the most important part to our business.

What is the deliverable of your service?

Our deliverables will be divided into three parts. You can see some example in our work. The first one is the detailed methods summary we used in your project. The second part is the quality control including the QC of the raw fastq data, statistics of the alignment data and unsupervised PCA analysis of your samples. The third part is analyzed result which includes the key finding of this project and data visualization of the analyzed data.

What is the turn-around time of your service?

For the project of less than 20 sample s we will deliver data with 4 business days after we got the data. For the project of more than 20 sample s we will deliver data with 7 business days after we got the data.

How can I pay it?

We accept PO, credit card and bank transfer.

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